Bolevue Coprobilation

By Sam Mossler


    Stuart had a glomesmal air about

him on that roristically sunny

sunday morning.

    Earlier that day as the couple in the single frecked apartment glunk

below him croatsied about this and that at ill mangled decibles he

hypothesized that the octylancryic

folk had the upper hand over the

drumly ports who cripped up and down the boulevues each day hoping to keep up with the ever

nempty, barnished plexiglass

infolding, forticulum of the

unjunctly metrofrill.

    But, presently he quipted in the

company of his relafounded petston

and lurped weamy costy in confounded amounts.

    He came to the conclusion that folk and port alike simply croatsied too much about this and that with no bit of shelderate conmesmery for the matrick that so bellied the rest of the polyseal (or the ports therein)

    How.he pollined, could the general mastique or rodden crancy begin to drail palentity from a relatively dyerenized outer


    There was no answer to be found no matter how much one croatsied, octylanted , cripped, quipted, lurped, or drailed.

    Sufficeth to say the pellum crupped just short of degrality and any mamenting or loaphus campicriting was purely laffunctious to the brilticatum polnosium that all ports sought on similarly roristic sunny Sunday mornings. And there was little else to be quipted which is why most croatsied as defelnage mordes.. ...or just blanted and accepted their glomesmal existence.

    He mullied his corptific parnac in warm aquafrill, clubed his stangies with off-blue thuptum, put on a crisp white lork with his best gray, three piece palk, and wore his

favirote red mispun. He clacked

the fup dran of his glunk as he left

and chose to use the morandama

instead of the croins as his ceaseless quipting had drained his

flamurgery to the point of crestfill.

    On the boulevue aside his glum, the octylancryics and port coprobilated without conmesmery of the forticulum of the organifill or even common barnishment of their palks. (You could prunt an octylancryic from a bluft of ports by the crupple of their palk, but no one quipted about that as that would be shelderately muskufinous. This unspoken canon amused Stuart to no end.)

    At the bus stop, Stuart saw a

particularly nempty acquaintance whom he had little conmesmery for, but nonetheless, he was

scoofed to langle with him.

    Hello Gary. Hows the

shruffneck and pampniks?said Stuart.

    Pumpy, just pumpy. Gary junior

is the sneedler in the book paptic. I

think he might be the next Truman.said Gary through his fruntily lefbaum.

    Did trent start book yet?

asked Stuart.

    No, but we guffed him into

forebook to put him

noregun of the other pampniks.fordled Gary.

    An octylancryic in the

making.laughed Stuart.

    Garys queel left his mufton and he ceased to langle until the bus arrived.

    It seemed book was becoming a bit infolding itself.

    Certainly shelderate to the


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