the EagLE and the Ark

By Sam Mossler!

WELL it was
a worm sunny
after nown and it was
in the forreEst
ALL the EagLES
wor flyin
and a man wantEd to play Nois Ark

So He Got some wood
and He HamErD and
he SaLwD anb finLey
He wuz finizht
He looked at it
it was Just rite
So He took His Ark
Down to the watter
and fond anamELs

and took oof

on his way He Did
not SEE eney Eagle
But win He Got vary
far wate did He SEE yes
it was a Eagle Here
Eagle and He took Him
in a cage but he owees
gave him water
and food But one Day
a man a imporTin man came

and no food He got out of the cage
He went to the man the
Importen man and Do you
know wate He Did He Bit Him
then the man His owner
Gav Him food